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You can stack the offers and give as presents

Make a decision, take action and tune up your life - or the life of someone you love. 

If you chose to stack, I can create a special custom coupon (max 25 characters) for you to write on a beautiful gift card ❤️ - just reply to your purchase confirmation email and let me know the details.

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Chakra Flush & Energy Field Maintenance 

- Aura Flush, Chakra Flush & Chakra Repair -

Attunement-package with 3 x amazing empowerments that can be passed to others (valued $77).

Offered as a free bonus to the Golden Powerpack right below.

(If you must, you can read more on the attunements here - but the massive BLACK FRIDAY discount is right here.)

Black Friday - Golden Powerpack


ALL 3 Black Friday offers at an even lower price
AND the Chakra Flush and Maintenance package as an extra bonus:
Chakra Flush Empowerment, Chakra Repair Empowerment and Aura Flush Empowerment

Total value $1,326 - SAVE 1,139 - more than 85%

Black Friday - Offer 1

7 x Ascended Masters Attunements

MASSIVE UPGRADE - 7 New Attunements 

Total value $616 - save 94% 

Currently ONLY available in this package
(to be promoted in 2020) and here offered at an insanely low price

The 7-week Sacred Chakra Secrets online course ($77)
incl. 7 Ascended Masters Attunements ($77 each).

One attunement for each chakra - and for less than half the investment of a single attunement. 

This course and the Master activations will empower you and help you maintain optimal balance, and also aid you in your health, wealth, well-being and manifestation process. 

All attunements can be passed to others.

The 7 Ascended Masters:

Buddha (base), Lanto (sacral),
Kuthumi (solar plexus), Hilarion (heart), 

El Morya (throat), Maha Cohan (third eye)
& Saint Germain (crown).

Black Friday - Offer 2



The Millenium Frequencies + 2 extra attunements 

Value $297 - save 50%

Did you not enroll yet?

Or perhaps you got the 2025 Level 1 frequencies and never got around to upgrade?
Level 1 is good, but the Master Level energies ROCKS!

NOW is the time!

Special Black Friday ONLY offer on the 
Full Kundalini Reiki Master online course INCL. the new Millenium frequencies and attunements.

You can take this course no matter if  you have level 1 - or have never been activated as a healer before.

Use them personally or start a healing business.


Live attunement/upgrade session
currently scheduled for December + access to Facebook group for support


If you already hold this Master, then this upgrade is free as promised. Instead check out the other Black Friday offers - or give this Master as a loving present.

Black Friday - Offer 3

ABUNDANCE & Manifestation POWER Attunement PACKAGE 


Total value $319 - save 88%

1: Money Flood Empowerment - Master Attunement

Money Flood Empowerment Reiki connects you to spirit, higher self, and creative source energy, to open the flood gates which allows money to flood into your life.

2: Sales & Marketing Reiki - Master Attunement

If you have a business - or want to start one - or simply want to increase your income.
Connects you to spirit and higher energy realms, puts you in that "state", and can help to improve business, sales, and raising your income in general. 

3: Abundantia Reiki - Master Attunement

"Overflowing riches" - the Roman Goddess of prosperity, abundance, success, good fortune, and can help with guidance on attracting abundance and the right financial investments.

4: Ruby Reiki - Master Attunement

Amazing energy that boosts creativity and combat procrastination.
It is good for the manifestation of our goals and also of discovering our true nature.

5: Abundantia's Abundance Energy - Master Attunement

Helps you to connect with the frequency of the abundance that already exists in this realm for you - to something that is already yours, but that you don't currently have. It vibrationally brings you up to the abundance you deserve, that you need and what you already have in your "perfect reality"! 

Attunements for abundance, money, wealth, and also for health.

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Cyber Monday

24 hours only - save 30% on:


Soul Blueprint & Akashic Records READING & Clearing

Akashic Records Manifestation GPS Blueprint

*By getting one or more of this packs, you also agree to that all attunements - unless otherwise declared - are given as Chi-ball activations for you to call in at your leisure and overcome time-zone issues.. DISCLAIMER: As all manifestation and increase of health, wealth and happiness depend very much on you, the energy you consciously hold, the inner work you choose to do - or not - and the actions you may chose to take, I can not guarantee any results from any attunements what so ever, nor be held liable, and they are to be considered novelty only. 

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