Out of Alignment?

(Here is how to fix it!)

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That Healing & Clarity you've been waiting for has finally arrived!

You decided to lose a lifetime of emotional baggage at the busiest intersection you could find and now you’re on a mission for more!

It’s true, bad things happen to good people all the time. It’s part of the life cycle really.
In order for us to evolve and become stronger, we need to experience circumstances that enable them to learn, adapt, and develop. Also spiritually.

If we were talking about the animal kingdom the analogy would be eat or be eaten.
The cave man analogy would be - learn to fight and kill your food or starve.
The woo-woo analogy would be - you must go through breakdowns in order to experience breakthroughs.

If you’re anything like me,
you’ve been through enough ‘breakdowns’ to last you 3 lifetimes

From a young age, it would seem that the world and our beautiful Universe is determined to help us evolve and become stronger.

Whether it be that we are dealing with abandonment issues, abuse, neglect, bullying or even a childhood illness. There seems to be a lot of evolution going around.

Except – when do we get to the good part?

The part where we finally get to experience the fruit of our labour… Where we get to experience the best of these lessons, heal from the pain and get to the other side where it’s glorious and better than we’d ever imagined it to be.

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​Destroy it!

I FEEL your frustrations, kindred spirit!
My strong and resilient connected soul in life

You’re tired of dragging around the emotional baggage that has come with evolving and you’re ready to buy a new suitcasepreferably one that takes you to Bora Bora, or maybe even The Maldives.

You’ve come a long way since childhood traumas. You’ve been through some interesting relationship rides. And you finally find yourself in a position where you are ready to take your relationship with yourself and anyone else you let into your life to the next level.

Like, over the rainbow and into the pot of gold kind of next level.

It’s time to feel a real connection. 
A connection that will allow you to feel 100% yourself.
A connection that is both healing and invigorating!

You don’t want a mediocre life anymore.

You finally want to step up to your emotional baggage, kick it hard, and then open the contents and set fire to it! Or at the very least leave it at a busy intersection – somewhere it can be run over by big trucks and fast cars.

The point is, you’re done looking over your shoulder and playing safe because your life experiences have taught you to be careful and cautious.

You ​are ready to ditch your Rambo gear, put your Rocky gloves away, and tell Sylvester that you’re just no that into him anymore

You are ready to live your life - Really live it! 
With no inhibitions, no fears, no doubts, no one holding you back.

You are ready to take full ownership of your life experiences and ‘circumstances,’ take the lessons from them, apply th​em to your life and then get rid of the rest…. because they no longer serve you.

And it no longer serves you because it is weighing you down.
It is stopping you from achieving your big goals, your big visions. Every time you go to step out into a stronger more resilient version of yourself something keeps holding you back.
Something keeps stopping you.

It’s like a dog on a lead.
If they walk to far ahead, they get yanked back to walk alongside its owner.
Or in your case, you get yanked back to your painful memories as a reminder that you need to stay small and be on fearful alert at all times.

Well beautiful soul, you are not a dog on a lead...
and I am about to set you free

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​Pack your emotional baggage
and leave the dog-lead at home

Here’s the truth of it

In order to experience greatness in life we must first heal what no longer serves us on our journey and let that shit go

  • You no longer want to be held back by rules, regulations and life lessons,
    because your soul ​thrives in freedom.
  • ​You never want another person to control you and restrict you again,
    because shackles doesn't become you.
  • You never want another person to tell you what you can and can’t do,
    because you know what's best for you.
  • You never want to hand over your power to another human being ever again,
    because you know, you are the powerful creator of your life.

You want to embrace a new energy and way of looking at life
and you want to LIVE IT ON YOUR TERMS!

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​You ​got your inner power​:
​It's time to use it!

As a healer and channeler,
I have ​helped healing souls just like you from all over the world

Souls who have experienced life-long trauma, ‘circumstances,’ and illness.
​Souls who have made themselves sick with the stress they feel in their bodies.

Can you imagine what it would be like to approach life with a can-do attitude?
What it would feel like to be able to trust the world and its people again – most especially yourself?

Imagine the tension surrounding your heart melting away... ​
The tension headaches you’ve been having vanishing

​Try and feel into the power of saying NO to someone.
Saying NO to your mother, your child, your boss, your best friend…

​NO, because it doesn’t align with who you are becoming.

.... And instead say YES to YOU

​It takes great courage to say NO to someone you love 
– and it takes equal amounts of courage to say YES 
to what lights you up and makes you happy

​This is the kind of courageous person you become
when you allow Kundalini Reiki healing to ​ ​flow freely in your body.

It empowers you and helps you dissolve all the negative energy that has built up in your body and overflowed into your life.

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Disease is
DIS-EASE spelt backwards

Well, maybe not backwards,
but if you break down the word disease, it reads as dis-ease

In other words, ease that is interrupted and blocked. Which is how your body responds when you are holding onto negative energy and emotional baggage.

When we don’t heal what has caused us pain, that pain multiplies and amplifies in our bodies and shows up in life as sickness, illness and countless other diseases.

It takes a lot more effort for a sick person to live their life to their fullest then it does a healthy one – so why would you hold onto something that keeps dragging you back?
There’s that dog lead again – didn’t we agree to leave it at home?

So... what if you could have that healed?

What if Kundalini Reiki could heal your pain, heal your emotional baggage?

Wouldn't you want to know more about it?

Better yet, what if you could be taught how to perform Kundalini Reiki for yourself?

You’re a busy ​soul and you have things to do!

It would be so nice to take this healing next level and speed up the process. It would be so beneficial to you and your busy life to be able to heal faster and not have to wait for your next weekly appointment.

Imagine opening up your emotional baggage and taking just 5 minutes every day to take one piece of emotional clothing out of your baggage and throw it away.
Imagine being able to heal your emotional baggage is days or weeks rather than months or years

Wouldn’t you say HELL YES, I’M IN?!

​Teach me your ways and let me get on with living my most extraordinary life on my terms

Because here’s the deal.

I can teach you how to become a Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher in just 3 weeks. I can show you how to heal your emotional baggage quickly and effectively and most importantly, powerfully.

I can help you receive the clarity you seek when it comes to your next life move. And I can help you receive it by teaching you how to heal from the inside out.

You will be a new, more evolved woman (or man) in 3 weeks or less. A woman who is ready to take charge and take ownership of what the rest of her life will bring!

And I know this can happen for you because it is what has happened for me. And now I want to teach you what I know.

Why? Because you deserve to live the life you have been dreaming of for years.
To manifest your greatest vision, and it all starts in one place, and one place only. ​ By healing yourself first and foremost

It's all an inside job, baby!

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Want to unlock your
dormant power?

Now, you may be thinking "but I'm just a regular person - I've never healed before...

How can I become a Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher"?

While you may feel regular​, I can promise you this one thing. ​

​You are destined to be a great!

​We all are!

And that is the very reason you can become a Reiki Master even if you’ve never performed energy healing before. You already hold the key inside you.

​The ability to create life. A life force and all future generations exist inside of you. Whether you have children or not – the makings of this universe exist inside of you.

And that alone gives you something so powerful and so life changing that Reiki is only going to amplify that power and put it to good use.

So, let me explain Reiki a little further…

Reiki, and more specifically, Kundalini Reiki, has not been reserved for the elite healers and highly regarded spiritual leaders only.


In fact, Reiki energy is something we are all born with. It is an energy source that connects us to all things. From everyone and everything to mother earth and all the galaxies of the universe!

Energy broken down to its purest form is everywhere and that includes you.

The difference between a person and a Reiki Master is that a Reiki Master has gone through a special activation process. An activation process that opens up the energetic channels allowing a human body to become a vessel.

A vessel that can channel whatever healing or energy work is required.

You see, a Reiki Master can do something no average person can do – they can change the molecular structure of any energy particle and make it stronger, healthier and higher in frequency – just through intention.

​Intention and a willingness to channel the unlimited source of universal frequencies through their human vessel.

​Sounds woo-woo, and to some it may be

But Quantum physics is a thing, and ancient shamanic traditions have been around for the longest of times and continue to this day for a reason.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means you can now have access to a powerful energy and healing tool that will literally transform your life and the life of those around you (should you choose to use your healing power for the greater good of others) in as little as 5 minutes.

It seems almost unbelievable, but I am living proof that Kundalini Reiki works and now I want to show you how to activate your own dormant powers and put them to beneficial use!

I want to show you how you can transform your life experience with Kundalini Reiki.

If you could start learning and using this powerful healing tool in your life right now, wouldn’t you say yes?

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Why don’t I slip into something a little more comfortable…?

​Like, perhaps… my own skin!

I know from personal experience that when I sign up to work with someone, I like to get a feel for who they are first. I want to make sure we are on the same energetic wavelength and that I will be able to learn from them.

So, here’s a short ​introduction ​before ​I even begin to let you in on the amazing online Kundalini Reiki course that I have in store for you.

​I might be the shoe that fits, ​or maybe not. 

Maybe you’ll feel the love and excitement that I’m sending your way - or maybe you won’t. 

Either way I am 100% here for you and I can make that guarantee with 100% certainty because I Reiki on the regular – if you know what I mean

So hi, I’m Clairre Sommer 

- Quantum Life Coach, Quantum Healer, Akashic Records Counsellor and the CEO and founder of Soulcraft Healing and designlabCPH.

I am a born native of Denmark but I’m really a citizen of the world at heart.

Like most healers and leaders, I come with spiritual and human baggage that has shaped me into the spiritual being I am today.

​It has taught me to cut through the crap, sometimes I still cuss like a sailor, and I am determined to share this modality of healing with the world through you - because I don’t want to see you nor future generations waste ​ years in confuson, anxiety and hardship

Especially  when sometimes all we need is a little healing to get back into alignment and gain the clarity we so often ​grasp for.

The only way to change the future is to heal the now through healing the past – that’s why Kundalini Reiki is so important to me

I have spent too many years to count expanding my knowledge and abilities so that I could one day bring it all back to the world and share it with those who are truly as passionate about elevating the frequencies of this earth as me.


From punk rocker and living on the streets as a teenager to being a proud mum of an incredible child and connected soul to the needs of this world...

I am ​ ready to teach you everything you need to know in order to heal the world and its people.

Are you one of the chosen ones?

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​Introducing the

Online ​Kundalini Reiki

Aaahhhh perfect!
Now we’re getting to the good part - how you can become a certified​ ​Kundalini Reiki Master

This form of Reiki has been taught across the globe to many well-regarded spiritual leaders and those who wish to access this powerful healing for themselves. It is ​becoming a more recognised and preferred form of Reiki as it is a very powerful energy and healing tool for anyone to have in their spiritual toolbox. 

Lucky for you there is no need to drink the blood of a unicorn under a full moon. Nor is there a need to dance naked in sacred ceremony.
It will, however, help you, if you understand the basics of chakras and how they work.

And yes, a crash course in chakras is included as one of your bonuses.

​All you need is 3 weeks to complete this course and its many bonuses.

3 weeks and a keen sense of dedication to practice everything you learn.

And most importantly, a willingness to receive the attunements required to become an open channel for universal healing powers and energy work.

An attunement is simply an energetic unlocking of your dormant powers as a healer and energy worker.

Attunements can only be activated by Kundalini Reiki Master/Teachers - and in this case that would mean me.

In 3 weeks, you will go through all 3 levels of attunements required to become a certified Kundalini Reiki Master and Teacher. 

Each attunement activates a stronger connection from you to the universal healing powers and energy.

And through each level you are taught how to harness these new-found powers and put them to good use!

Other Kundalini Reiki courses only provide you with a brief PDF on how to use your new-found healing powers...

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But I want to give you more!

So, in this online certification - the home-study video course - you will also be part of a private Facebook group

This group is only for those who are participating in the online certification – kind of like a secret healer’s society…

I have done this because I want to make sure you feel fully supported throughout the whole process. I want to provide you with a PDF manual but also with LIVE video trainings to explain everything you need to know in detail.

Full access to these recordings will be made available on the course site as well for you to refer back to as often as you like – including all additional bonus trainings. 

And on top of that – there will be LIVE Q&A’s to answer any questions you may have along the way. This is like having your own private healing coach.

Not to mention ​the other amazing bonuses on top.

But more ​on those later.

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Did I mention bonuses?

You bet I did!

And I have been called crazy for giving so much away...
But first, have a look at what is actually inside the course


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​Week ​One Level 1

Online Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Level 1

​You receive your first attunement and become an activated healer

I perform the attunement ceremony energetically no matter where you are in the world, for you to call in whenever you are ready. 

It doesn't matter if you have received any attunements before, or have never tried to heal - after this attunement you are an activated healer.

This attunement opens your main healing and energy channel for the healing frequencies to flow freely from your Crown chakra through your heart chakra and into your hands.

​You are also cleansed, and your blockages removed in preparation for your level two attunement.

At this level the focus is heavily centred around setting intentions and healing physical illnesses and medical concerns. It is also focused on healing energetic stresses in the body through the newly activated healing power flowing through your hands.

You will learn how to heal yourself and others in person and via long distance. You will also be able to heal pets, nature and more!

​Even if you're just starting your healing journey

​This Level One attunement and activation means you can already​:

  • Re-centre and ground yourself energetically
  • Immediately heal any energetic stresses, anxiety or physical issues you may be experiencing
  • Address any tiredness or illnesses that have been affecting your performance at work, in relationships and in life
  • Send healing to any energy leaks you may be experiencing in your life whether they be people, thoughts, beliefs or situations
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​Week Two Level 2

Online Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Level 2

​Your level 2 attunement ​deepens your connection with the universal healing and energetic powers

In this level your Root chakra is opened, and your Third Eye chakra is boosted. 

Once the attunement has been activated your Kundalini energy is intensified and rises from the root chakra up to the Solar Plexus chakra. This activation prepares and protects your energy channels for the full Kundalini activation in level 3.

The most important lesson you can learn in Level Two is the power of balancing yourself and energetic protection. Energetic protection and how to cut energy cords with people you are sending energy and healing too.

In the true way of Kundalini Reiki, you are taught to practice a quick but effective Kundalini meditation and energy rebalancing.
A short meditation to temporarily expand the Kundalini flame, cleanse and balance your energy channels and chakras.

It is necessary to learn how to protect and cleanse your energy and space before you become a Kundalini Reiki Master - ​if you don't, you could end up worse than before you started.
And nobody wants that for you, especially me.

Receiving this Level 2 attunement ​ means:


  • You become a more powerful healer and energy worker for yourself and anyone in your life
  • You are able to do more extensive healing and energy work because you are equipped with the tools for cleansing, protecting and re-energizing yourself and your spaces
  • You will not take on the stress and problems of other people around you - especially those you send healings or energy work to - because you can now heal and then deflect unwanted energy
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​Week Three Level 3

Online Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Level 3

The Level Three Attunement is the most extensive and powerful one of all and includes 6 additional attunements

Not only do you reach the status of Kundalini Reiki Master, but you are also certified to teach it and pass on the attunements (if you so wish).

Through this attunement your chakras are all activated and boosted to full vibrational capacity.

Your healing and energetic powers are at their strongest and now you are able to cleanse, protect and heal spaces as well as people and yourself at full power.

Now all your spaces can be energetically charged and healed of unwanted energy.

Your home, car and even your shower, food or drinking water can be energetically cleansed and recharged creating safe environments for you to perform at your best.

Not only can you cleanse and heal spaces, but you can energetically charge items. Whether it be jewellery, pens and notebooks or even gifts you want to give to friends and loved ones.

You can now create a constant source of high vibrational energy through people, spaces and things.

And this is also the level ​where you learn how to attune others and infuse any object, such as crystals, minerals, jewellery and more to work as Reiki channels.

What does this mean for you
as a powerful and independent energy healer?

  • You can now operate at 100% energy and clarity all the time with quick energy and healing adjustments done throughout the day
  • You can now support your friends and family (and even potential clients if you choose to turn this skill into a business) operate at 100% creating a harmonious and prosperous environment for all
  • You can now exceed all levels of desired success and goals because you can work through your energetic blocks ​quickly and powerfully 
  • You can now share your knowledge with those who are open to receiving it by attuning others creating an even bigger ripple effect of high vibrational energy for the greater good of mankind

These are all amazing and extremely powerful tools for any ​soul on a mission to have but it doesn’t stop there.

In Level Three Kundalini Reiki you will also receive 6 additional attunements.
These 6 additional attunements will allow you to be fully equipped for anything that comes your way.

​You know as well as I do that clarity, success and joy are not just an external experience. They start from within.

Clarity, success and joy come easily once we address our underlying blocks and limiting beliefs that have been passed down to us from generations past.

Your 6 additional attunements include: ​

  • Diamond Reiki - ​ a strong energy and extra boost that enlightens and heals everything in its path ​if there are no underlying unresolved problems
  • Crystalline Reiki - ​​heals the crystals that forms in our body every time we ​we put off or postpone dealing with an emotional or physical trauma
  • DNA Reiki - heal your DNA strings deep within your energetic blueprint
  • Birth Trauma Reiki - release and heal the trauma of being born
  • Location Reiki - heal and cleanse surroundings, buildings, places, and spaces
  • Past Life Reiki - helps you heal and release old energetic blockages that have carried over from past incarnations
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​Use coupon:
PRELAUNCH-KRFULL and see how the investment drops

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I get ALL these mini training bonuses when I sign up today?

​As a certified Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher for years, I have learnt A LOT of different quick and easy techniques to make healing and energy work even faster and more effective...

​For the first time ever I will be sharing my secrets with you in this collection of bonus trainings:

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​Secret Bonuses:

Online Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Level 1

Secret Bonuses for Level One include

(Value $197)
  • How to energize and activate your hands

    - To feel the energy/frequencies better
    ​- Sense the healing frequencies in your hands (excersises provided)

  • The intention setting process (or prayer, if you will) before healing
    - How to set intentions when healing yourself and others
    ​- What I personally say/how I personally set these intentions

  • Ethics
    - Be mindful of the results you promise​ - and why
    - When and who to heal
    - When and who not to heal ​
    - The importance of having an awareness when ​to rest
  • How to protect your energy when you heal - (Important)
    - Making sure you don’t deplete yourself
    - Making sure that no toxic or heavy energy jumps ​and latches on to you
  • How to protect others when you are healing them - (VITAL)
    - Making sure none of your ongoing stuff doesn’t jump to those you are helping/healing
  • Self-healing = self-care
    - Healing, cleansing and balancing yourself regularly
Online Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Level 2

Secret Bonuses for Level Two include

(Value $197)
  • Method to scan the energy body when distance healing
    - How to energetically sense Chakra imbalances​
    - When a chakra is depleted or over-active when healing​​​
  • A classic energy detox for the body method
    - For in-person or distance healing
    - A classic energy body “de-tangling” method for in-person or distance healing
  • The written instructions
    - A copy of my written instructions that I send to my clients when they have asked for healing or energy work
  • An easy Chakra cleanse and re-balancing method
    - No healing required. This is something you can teach your friends and potential clients as well
  • 70+ uses of energy healing
  • Effectiveness of energy healing
    - Why clear intentions are required
    - To which level can we perform healings
    - Clients/recipients and level of receiving

Online Kundalini Reiki Master Certification Level 3

Secret Bonuses for Level Three include

(Value $197)
  • Chi-ball method
    - What is it
    - ​How to do

  • The Reiki box
    - What is it/ how does it work
    - How to do
  • Cord cutting
  • Releasing hooks
  • Grounding exercise
  • ​The self-protection method (the protection bubble)
    - Extra protection ​for draining or toxic people and situations. ​Very valuable when feeling vulnerable or stressed
  • Energetic boundaries between you and the people you heal
    - Empower, not dis-empower
    - No judgement of your potential clients (especially if you choose to turn this into a business)
    - Referring non-aligned clients​

  • Learn the rules
    - And then (mindfully) break them as you are guided
  • Trust your inner guidance
  • How to heal with and blend multiple healing frequencies / modalities ​
    - Simultaniously
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You mean there's more?

You betcha!

Maybe I’m getting a little carried away with all the extra bonuses included… but my deepest soul’s desire is to give you EVERYTHING you need to be the most ​empowered woman/man/Kundalini Reiki Master possible!

The more powerful you are the more you excel at living your best life and healing everything that keeps holding you back

The more you live your best and healed life, the more people you can help and inspire.

The more people you help and inspire, the more healing this world experiences one person at a time, thus raising the vibration of not only the planet but the entire collective

And you know as well as I do that this world is in desperate need of conscious healing.

So, this is how I want to help you to help me…
By giving you even more bonuses!

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Your EXTRA bonuses include:

​The Private Facebook Support group - as mentioned
​(Value $997)

The Private group gives you:

​24/7 access to me to ask questions
- as well as weekly Q & A’s for at least 3 months​

An opportunity to network and share experiences with other students

​A safe space to connect with other students
​to practice Kundalini Reiki distance healing

The Chakras & Energy Bodies Crash Course
- to be released in May
​(Value $77)

The Chakras & Energy Bodies Crash Course gives you:

An overview of our 7 main chakras, their functions
- and what organs they each govern

Signs of an over- or under-active chakra
(for each of the 7 main chakras)

An overall knowledge on what our energy bodies are –
 the layers and “threads”

Insight to our internal guidance system – our GPS
– and how all that ties together

​4 x Live Group Healings
- 15 minutes each minimum 
​(Value $144)

​These group healings:

​Will happen through the Facebook group with one healing being done around the same time of every full moon and new moon
​- for the first 6 weeks. 

​Facilitates deep healing within you and sets you up for your ultimate success in becoming a Kundalini Reiki Master.

Just to recap

​KR Level 1, KR Level 2, KR Level 2 ($297)

Secret Bonuses for Level 1, Secret Bonuses for Level 2, Secret Bonuses for Level 3 ($591)

​Access to the Private Facebook Support Group ($997)

The Chakras & Energy Bodies Crash Course ($77)

4 x Live group Healings ($144)

​That has total value​ (so far) of a staggering 



It is not going to cost you thousands...

Well, I could ​fairly charge you that but that wouldn’t make me authentic!

Providing this course is not about me making money. Providing this course is about expanding that positive ripple effect of world healing one person at a time.

I genuinely thought about how to price this for the longest of times. I don’t want it to be thousands of dollars. But it needs to have a price to it so that people can take it seriously.

Because Kundalini Reiki IS serious work

So, I started throwing around numbers…

$997 – nope.

I mean, sure, the course and all its bonuses are certainly worth it, but I want it more accessible than that.
Although anyone who is planning on using this skill in their business can easily receive a return on investment in a matter of sessions!
​Not to mention all the personal benefits that far outweights money or anything they can buy.

But still, I wanted this to be accessible to those who may just want to use it for themselves and their family and friends.

Really embrace Kundalini Reiki as a way to accelerate their spiritual development.

$497. Hmmmm. Still doesn’t feel right.

I sat with it for a bit and this one number kept popping up in my head...

$297. $297. $297…

It felt right. It felt good.

It felt approachable for everyone who would want to learn to become a Kundalini Reiki Master/teacher and begin to transform their lives.

And so, no, it’s not thousands of dollars

You can become a ​Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher in 3 weeks with ​a treasurebox of amazing bonuses ​for just $297!

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I'm not done reducing the price​ and adding more value

This wouldn’t be a fair launch if I didn’t at least offer you an extraordinary Early Bird-only offer - And boy, do I have a good one for you!

Not only am I going to reduce the price for you,
but you will receive some extra SUPER BONUSES!

In the way of the Godfather,
I’m giving you an offer you can’t refuse​

Register either Pre-launch (this page) or Early Bird ($197) for the Kundalini Reiki Master Certification course ​before:
 ​Friday April 12.th 2019
at 11.59am PDT/PST
and you will also gain exclusive access to:

​My personal healing methods
(Value $97)

​These are guaranteed to save you time and a step-by-step walkthrough the very successful healing methods and visualizations I use throughout my distance healing sessions with clients including:

  • My personal quick energy body cleanse in-healing method
  • My personal Chakra cleanse/clearing and re-fuelling in-healing method
  • My personal easy and quick room/house/property cleansing method
My Akashic Records Manifestation Meditation
​ - ​to be released May  
(Value $47)

A recorded healing meditation to prepare and access your personal Akashic Record and order your manifestations.

​Violet Flame Reiki healing attunement    
​(Value $47)

For extra protection of the receiver.
This attunement can also be passed on to others/clients

These bonuses and this low investment level is exclusive to Early Bird enrollers only!

And that’s not all.

Nope, I have my hands deep inside the lucky pot of gold for you.

If you sign up to become a certified Kundalini Reiki Master today, you get the entire course and ALL the added bonuses and trainings for $197 only!

$2,297 worth of training ​for only



Why am I doing this?

Because I know it takes courage to step into something new. It takes courage to step into the unknown.

And I want to reward your courage with the gift of giving.


distance healing arrow

​A word of caution
- is this for you?

Activating your very own supply of powerful energy and healing is not for everybody, and that’s OK

If you want to make sure that you are the right candidate for this online certification then see which list you resonate with more

The choice is yours, may you choose wisely…

​This is for you if

  • ​You want to be able to perform a full healing in as little as 5 minutes (longer healings are possible)
  • ​You value efficiency over complexity
  • ​You want a simple to use and easy to learn energy healing method that works
  • ​You want access to a simple but very powerful energy/Reiki healing system – but with lots of extra info to dive into by choice.
  • You want to begin transforming your life
  • ​You want to spend less money and receive more value and information

​This is not for you if

  • ​You require lengthy and complex rituals and symbols
  • ​You require hour-long sessions and exact hand positions
  • ​You prefer spending a lot of money for little to no value and information
  • You don't want to transform your life to the better
  • ​You prefer months or even years of training in order to perform an efficient healing
  • ​You don’t believe in or you are not open to the concept of distance energy healing
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​Repeat after me

​When I sign up for this very exclusive Kundalini Reiki Master Certification today, I will receive:

  • The 3-week Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher certification normally valued at $297
  • 22 mini bonus trainings normally valued at $591
  • Access to Clairre and the private Facebook group normally valued at $997
  • The Chakras & Energy Bodies Crash Course normally valued at $77
  • 4 x LIVE group healing sessions normally valued at $144
  • AND when I sign up with Early Bird pricing, I gain exclusive access to Clairre’s Personal Healing Methods, upcoming Akashic Records Manifestation Meditation and Violet Flame Reiki healing attunement normally valued at $191

All for $97 when I sign up with the ​Prelaunch Special ​discount! That’s crazy!
Yes, it is crazy!

$2,297 worth of training and information

for the tiny investment of $97

An investment that sees a return on value in as little as 5 minutes because 5 minutes is all it takes to put your energetic and healing powers to good use.

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Lifetime promises

For the ​tiny ​Pre-launch investment of $97 you can:

  • Lock in the price and bonuses NOW, then begin the course whenever you want and work through it at your earliest convenience.
  • Gain immediate access to all upgrades and new material added to this specific Kundalini Reiki course - throughout the life-span of the course
  • Have lifetime access to this original course as long as soulcrafthealing.com exists
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You can’t lose with this guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No offer is complete without a guarantee. And I believe in the power of Kundalini Reiki so much that I am offering you a 7-day, money back guarantee from when the course first kicks-off.

In other words, if after Level One you feel this course isn’t for you just reach out and ask for a full refund.

I have seen what Kundalini Reiki has done for me and my clients that I am confident this course and all its bonuses will change your ​world for the better

And now you have an added safety net that means you cannot lose.

If you’re on the fence thinking you’re not sure this is for you… then jump in with both feet because if within 7 days of the course opening you decide it’s not, you’ll get a 100% full refund no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for?

Clairre Soulcraft Sommer

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Frequently Asked Questions

​What if I am already attuned to another reiki/healing modality – do I need this/why would I want it?

​ Can I turn this into a business all on its own?

​What if I’m only new to spiritual practices, will I understand the course easily enough?

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One more time

for the people at the back

OK, so we’ve been through lifetime promises, a win-win guarantee and some frequently asked questions. When all is said and done you cannot deny that this course is so full of value that the lid might just pop off!

So, one more time for the people in the back…
When you sign up for this very exclusive Kundalini Reiki Master Certification today you will receive:

  • The 3-week Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher certification normally valued at $297
  • 22 mini bonus trainings normally valued at $591
  • Access to Clairre and the private Facebook group normally valued at $997
  • The Chakras & Energy Bodies Crash Course normally valued at $77
  • 4 x LIVE group healing sessions normally valued at $144
  • AND when I sign up with Early Bird pricing, I gain exclusive access to Clairre’s Personal Healing Methods, upcoming Akashic Records Manifestation Meditation and Violet Flame Reiki healing attunement normally valued at $191

All for $97 when I sign up with the Early Bird discount! That’s crazy!
Yes, it is crazy!

$2,297 worth of training and information

for the tiny investment of


For $97 you will be able to take your skills next level and expand your spiritual toolbox.

You’ll be able to literally heal the world one person at a time (starting with you) and raise the energetic vibration​ of the collective consciousness.

​You hold the power within,
let me activate it for you




Well, that’s all folks! 

I so look forward to seeing you on the other side. What’s about to unveil and manifest is indescribable and beyond exciting. See you soon.


​Clairre xo.


This course with these ​amazing bonuses will NEVER be available at this price again – I’ve already been told I’m crazy for giving away so many free bonuses when the course is already amazing and super affordable!


Imagine if you don’t join this certification course today… what will your life look like in 3 months or even 6 months’ time? 

Or a year from now?

You’ll probably still be exhausted, stressed and struggling.

Your circumstances don’t change until you do.

​Clairre Soulcraft Sommer

Creator of ​the Soulcraft Kundalini Reiki ​course

About Clairre

​Clairre is the founder of Soulcraft Healing & Coaching, and a badass Master Healer, Soul Coach and Akashic Records Counsellor.

A Powerhouse Warrior of light on a soul-journey to empower and support you to recognize and follow your inner spark.

She’s a beacon to those who work with her, as she empowers and guides you to cut through the noise and ignite your unique Soul powers and purpose.

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