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The Moon

ARE YOU Ready to Manifest What You Want

Manifest With The Power of

Moon Phases


  • No More Guesswork on How & When to Manifest - Boost Your Goals Using The Moon Phases
  • Manifest Through ALL of The Phases, Not Just On Full & New Moon
  • Make The Most Of It With The Planning Calendars, Daily Journal, Tarot Spread Sheets And More

While I can’t promise what you want to manifest will happen instantly, if you grab this planner, you will learn how to focus not just your own powers, but also the powers of the moon - manifest the right way. 

As I have included all my different daily journaling sheets, incl. my daily planner with space for last nights dream and daily affirmations, card of the day and more, these pages will guide you through each phase, and set you up for success in your manifesting journey.

And they make it fun!

This is what you get:

  • Moon phases overview/checklist with the steps of what you need to do in each moon phase
  • New Moon & Tarot Card spread sheet
  • Full Moon & Tarot Card spread sheet
  • New Moon Manifesting planner sheet to journal your wishes, dreams and intentions
  • Young Moon planner
  • Waxing Crescent Moon planner
  • First Quarter Moon planner
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon planner
  • Full Moon planner
  • Waning Gibbous Moon planner
  • Last Quarter Moon planner
  • Waning Crescent Moon planner
  • Old Moon planner
  • Moon Manifesting overview notes sheet
  • Monthly Moon calendar for you to plan & fill out
  • Monthly Moon phase tracker sheet covering the entire year
  • Moon journal sheet to note down insights, dreams, desires and manifestations
  • Daily planner sheet incl. current moon phase, space for noting last nights dreams, goals, affirmations, notes and Tarot Card of the day
  • Mood Tracker sheet for you to color and glitter up in any way you wish

Start Manifesting Right Away!

ONLY $27

DISCLAIMER: As all manifestation and increase of health, wealth and happiness depend very much on you, the energy you consciously hold, the inner work you choose to do - or not - and the actions you may chose to take, I can not guarantee any results from using this journal what so ever, nor be held liable, and the pages within it are to be considered novelty only. 
As this is a digital product for immediate download there will be no refunds.

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