That Healing & Clarity you've been waiting for has finally arrived!

Walk the magic and tap into the healing power of Mother Earth to heal yourself, others, and accelerate your Spiritual Development

Only $47

Inside This Master Healing Program You Will Discover

It's all an inside job - alignment, happiness, health, manifestation, all of it! 

The best part is that it only takes 5 minutes a day - even if you've never healed anyone before... I will teach you how!

  • Learn to Realign, Heal and Balance Yourself and Others
  • Learn to Heal and Balance Your Chakras - and Those of Others
  • Know how to Release and Heal Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues
  • How To Cleanse and Protect Yourself - Don't Catch On Entities & Issues of Others
  • How To Heal Your DNA, Karmic Band, Etheric Crystals, Birth Trauma and more
  • Why and How to Work Through Energetic Blocks
  • Learn to blend different Healing Modalities - How to heal with more than one energy at the same time!
  • Become Confident in Charging for Your Services
  • Intention Setting - This is Where Manifestations Happen
  • Learn to Attune/Activate Others to Kundalini Reiki - It's Easier Than You Think
  • How To Attune Objects Like Crystals So They Work for You on Auto Pilot
  • Powerfully Align Yourself to Your Dreams and Desires
  • And More...

Learn this and much, much more in online Kundalini Reiki Healing Master Course and Certification - including:

3 x Original Kundalini Reiki Healing Classes

3 x Awesome Bonus Info Masterclasses
(all you need to know about healing - and way more than what is originally provided)

Bonus Online Courses to Help You Create 
Your Dream Life & Business
(if you're just starting out - or want to expand)

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You already got your inner powers -
It's time to Walk the Magic by Activating & Using them!
(Just like these amazing souls did)

Hi! I'm
Clairre Soulcraft

A Spiritual Mentor, Quantum Healer, Akashic Records Counselor, Intuitive Quantum Business Coach - and the CEO and founder of Soulcraft Healing & Coaching, Soulcraft Business & Marketing Coaching, and designlabCPH.

I created the Soulcraft Kundalini Reiki Healing Course because even if I have gone through a lot of different healing modalities and activations, I still found a lot of vital as well as practical info to be missing in general.

Most times, you'll be activated and passed a PDF with a few instructions - if you're lucky a little more than that - and that's it. 

And all this lacking information is exactly what I've gathered and will be passing on to you inside this course, so that after attending, you'll be confident in your healing abilities and do your part in healing the world with a solid foundation and in an absolutely safe manner. 

But not only that - as you'll have my support beyond this certification too.

I really - really - look forward to welcoming you into this course, and share my world with you.

As a Master Healer, Channeler & Spiritual Mentor, I have Taught, Healed & Helped Empower Souls Just Like You From All Over The World

Souls who have experienced life-long trauma, ‘circumstances,’ and illness
Souls who have struggled and made themselves sick with stress

Souls who felt 'fine' but wanted to manifest more in life and accelerate their Spiritual Development

And/or Souls that have already done a lot of healing and inner work but now wish to expand their life - and their business.

Can you imagine what it would be like to approach life with a can-do attitude?
What it would feel like
to be able to trust the world again – in particular yourself?

Being able to heal, balance and cleanse yourself of unwanted energies, entities and previous negative experiences or upcoming challenging situations?

This - and more - is what you get, and the courageous person you become, when you begin to walk the magic and allow Kundalini Reiki healing to flow freely through your body... When you consciously choose to develop your intuition, you raise your vibration and accelerate your spiritual development.

Kundalini Reiki Empowers You In All Areas & Helps Dissolve All Accumulated Negative Energy Affecting Your Life...
Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually

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Walk the magic and tap into the healing power of Mother Earth to heal yourself, others, and accelerate your Spiritual Development

I'll personally Activate & Coach you through

the following 3 levels

in this proven Online Healing Course

Level 1:

Activate, Center & Ground

  • The activation/attunement in this level opens your main healing and energy channel for the Kundalini healing frequencies to flow freely from your Crown chakra through your heart chakra and into your hands.
  • You are also cleansed, and your blockages removed in preparation for your level two attunement.
  • You will learn how to heal yourself and others in person and via long distance

Level 1 - Bonus Masterclass

  • We will talk about energizing/sensitizing our hands so we feel the energy better, the intention setting process, ethics, and more of the basics you need to know, and which are NOT a part of the original teachings - although they should have been.
  • Also on how to protect your energy, so you don't allow i.e. issues or entities (that can often be latched on to your clients) to transfer to you, as well as how to protect those you heal, Stealth Mode, and much more.
  • Funwork - and finding practice clients, as well as what and how to, so you can boost your confidence and be ready to start to heal others on your own after the course (if you want to share your gifts, that is).
  • Q&A

Level 2:

Balance, Release & Heal

  • In this level your Root chakra is opened, and your Third Eye chakra is boosted. This level prepares and protects your energy channels for the full Kundalini activation in level 3
  • Now you can do more extensive healing and energy work because you are equipped with the tools for balancing, cleansing, and re-energizing yourself and your spaces
  • You will not take on the stress and problems of other people around you - especially those you send healing or energy work to - because you can now protect yourself and deflect unwanted energy

Level 2 - Bonus Masterclass

  • Evaluation & Check-In from Module 1
  • I'll share methods on how to scan the energy body for imbalances when doing both distance and hands-on healing, how to do a classic energy detox for the body, an easy Chakra cleanse and re-balancing method which you can also share with your clients and much more.
  • We'll talk about all the ways you can use energy healing, from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and manifestation issues, as well as the effectiveness of energy healing, a bit more on intentions, what can block healing and more.
  • I'll also share access to an EXTRA BONUS Masterclass/Online Course:
    Radical Shifts - How to Ditch Your Limiting Beliefs 
  • Q&A

 Level 3:

Expand, Ignite & Boost

  • Your chakras are all activated and boosted to full vibrational capacity. Your channels now operate optimally with quick energy and healing adjustments done throughout the day
  • You will learn how to attune others who are open to receiving, creating an even bigger ripple effect of high vibrational energy for the greater good
  • You'll also activate 6 additional attunements to heal i.e. past life issues, land, places and spaces, boost your healing effectiveness and more, and potentially exceed all levels of desired success and goals because you have the tools to work through your energetic blocks quickly and powerfully

Level 3 - Bonus Masterclass

  • Evaluation & Check-In from Module 2
  • We'll talk about how to heal and blend several frequencies at the same time and in the same session, how to do group healings, how to do group activations/attunements and more - this is about boosting your healing skills to the max.
  • Chi balls, Reiki boxes, cord-cutting, releasing hooks, grounding exercises, a method to develop and expand your intuitive channel, energetic boundaries, when not to heal, trusting your inner guidance and more.
  • Setting up your online healing business (if you don't already have a professional practice), charging for your healing services, what you need to have in place as a bare minimum, 
  • I'll share access to another EXTRA BONUS Masterclass/Online Course:
    How to Start Your Online Biz - Step-by-Step
  • Q&A
  • Thank you and Next Steps
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What Others Say


I honestly cannot express in words the gift you've given me with your work.

Your love and dedication to me and my path have truest been life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Working with you have been one of the best investments I've made in my life.

My Soul is so happy and grateful for the amazing teacher you are.

Cynthia Vianey

 Healing & Coaching Client


I had the most INTENSE experience ever during your healing session - unlike anything I've ever experienced before. 

I'm feeling great, and I believe this session may have triggered a spiritual awakening - which is something I have been working toward.

Jienna Korzinski

Healing Client


Clairre is very thorough, detail oriented, intelligent, always open to questions, kind and genuine. I am just amazed at the level of depth she goes.

I was blown away with the information that was shared, and every day I'm feeling better and brighter. 

Clairre goes above and beyond with sharing info that I have ever come across with other healers.


Kundalini Reiki Student & Healing Client

Frequently Asked Questions

I am already attuned to another healing energy - why get this too?

The strength of Kundalini Reiki "begins" where Usui reiki level 3 “stops” which means you can actually do a full healing in about 5 minutes - but you can extend it, as well as blend it with other healing frequencies at the same time if you want
- I teach you how in level 3.

So, consider this another healing and energy tool to add to your spiritual toolbox.

Kundalini Reiki will only amplify and enhance what you already have.

For how long will I have access to this course and included material?

Lifetime - meaning for as long as my business exists :) ... And in the very unlikely case that I should choose to close down Soulcraft Healing, you'll get the option to download all the course videos, as well as any bonus videos and all the related material. 

You can participate in all the lives and live bonus teaching/courses, but you will also have lifetime access to all the recording, so you can always go bak and re-activate yourself, as well as listen to all the modules again.

I'm new to spiritual practices - will this course be easy for me to follow?

The answer is a BIG Yes.
I love to teach with simplicity, and I always make the content accessible to all levels of understanding.

You will have no problem understanding everything PLUS, you can ask me any questions you might have through the course and beyond in the private Facebook group.

I am here for you and will support you to get properly started.

Can I start a healing Business with this certification?

You can use these energies professionally or simply with family and friends - as an additional tool, in the box or use the certification to start a healing and energy business where you charge your clients for any healing or energy work you perform.

You will naturally receive a Certification upon completion and I will advice and support you in the private Facebook group as needed, and with this certification you also receive access to additional bonus courses to helt get you started.

I've previously tried an involuntary Kundalini Rising - is Kundalini Reiki safe for me?

Kundalini Reiki is an absolutely safe and secure healing system that anyone can easily and safely get attuned to and use.

Kundalini Reiki healing has actually proven very helpful to those who have previously experienced an unintended Kundalini activation in the body, as it balances, soothes and levels out the frequencies.

If you have any concerns at all, please message me right away, and I'll jump on a free clarity call with you - no strings attached.
Clairre Soulcraft

I am born native of Denmark, but my heart really belongs to this amazing world, and through which I have travelled extensively.

Like most healers and leaders I came with plenty of both spiritual and human baggage, and the process of researching, learning, and releasing has transformed my life entirely and shaped me into the spiritual, although no BS, being I am today. 

From punk rocker and living on the streets in Spain in my teens to being a Master Healer, Soul Coach, Intuitive Business, Mindset & Marketing Coach AND proud mum of an incredible child, I've spent most of my life expanding my knowledge and abilities so that I could one day bring what works back into the world and share it.

It will be my my immense pleasure to welcome you into my world, should you choose to join it.





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